The COVID situation in Austria is stable and the tournament can take place!

Please be aware, that these regulations can still change on short notice; we will keep you updated here.

Entry into Austria

For most countries of origin, there are no special requirements; you can enter Austria normally.

Regulations while in Austria

You don´t need any proof regarding your COVID status during your stay.

FFP2-mask are only mandatory in medical facilities (eg. hospitals, doctors offices).

Tournament regulations

There are no additional regulations or requirements for this tournament.

COVID incidence protocol

If you have any of the common symptoms of COVID, inform the tournament office (+43 680 2328428), so that a COVID test can be arranged!

If a person tests positive, they have to self-isolate, until the local health authorities have decided on a course of action. If players are unable to play due to isolation or testing responsibilities, they are withdrawn from the tournament.

COVID testing

If you need a COVID test for your trip home, please let us know as soon as possible!

You will have to cover the costs for the test yourself (costs for technical officials will be covered by the organizer).