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The venue is Raiffeisen Sportpark Graz, Hüttenbrennergasse 31, 8010 Graz.

Because of the short walking distance from the official hotels (700m), there will be no shuttle service between the venue and official hotels.

If you are going by car, there is a parking area at the side of the venue. The first 30 min are free, then an hour costs € 0.50. Each hour after the 5th costs € 1.50. Be aware that the area around the hotel and the venue are short-term / paid parking zones!

Map of the Venue

Changing Rooms
The changing rooms are located in the basement.

Tournament Office
The tournament office is located in the public zone. It will be open each day from one hour before start of play to one hour after end of play. If at any time it is not staffed, you can reach us by phone: +43 680 2328428.

Drinking Water
The tap water in Austria is drinkable and of excellent quality! Please help to reduce waste (and save money) by refilling your water bottle!

There will be a Buffet from the start of play until 9:00 PM at the far end of the public zone.